The Tiers Tea Lounge

The Tiers Tea Lounge

The Tiers Tea Lounge is located in the picturesque surroundings of the village of Poatina in central Tasmania at the foot of the Western Tiers.

The Lounge offers a relaxing stop-off on the Heritage Highway with refreshing quality beverages, other delicacies and ambience that make a journey or a sojourn memorable.

The Tiers Tea Lounge shares the space with The Poatina Tree Art Gallery, located together at Shops 1 & 2 of the East Wing in the Village Green, Poatina.

The teas are blended by Samantha and the team at The Art of Tea in Hobart, with a product range of around 130 different blends. At The Tiers Tea Lounge, we stock about 30 or so of the blends.

For coffee, we have opted for local supply, taste and ethical sourcing, so we are using Ritual Coffee – a Launceston team that sources and roasts the coffee in just the right way. Ritual coffee is fresh, ethical and seasonal.


Margaret Chilcott & John West


New at The Tiers Tea Lounge

We recently added to our pot collection, a magnificent specimen we believe to be a ‘Samovar.’

A Samovar seems to have its origins in Russia as a hot water kettle. Over time and in other European countries, the Samovar was adapted as a container for tea or coffee. Either way most Samovars are a piece of art…and the one we have at The Tiers Tea Lounge is no exception.

Call in and check it out. Many thanks to Carl Noonan for giving it polish up.