The Tiers Tea Lounge is located in the picturesque surroundings of the village of Poatina in central Tasmania at the foot of the Western Tiers.

The Lounge offers a relaxing stop-off on the Heritage Highway with refreshing quality beverages, other delicacies and ambience that make a journey or a sojourn memorable.

The Tiers Tea Lounge shares the space with The Poatina Tree Art Gallery, located together at Shops 1 & 2 of the East Wing in the Village Green, Poatina.

The teas are blended by Samantha and the team at The Art of Tea in Hobart, with a product range of around 130 different blends. At The Tiers Tea Lounge, we stock about 30 or so of the blends.

For coffee, we have opted for local supply, taste and ethical sourcing, so we are using Ritual Coffee – a Launceston team that sources and roasts the coffee in just the right way. Ritual coffee is fresh, ethical and seasonal.

High Tea at The Tiers Tea Lounge

Each month on a Sunday afternoon we hold a High Tea in conjunction with an Artists Talk conducted by the Poatina Tree Art Gallery.

A standard tier and a special diet tier

A standard tier and a special diet tier

The Next High Tea will be on 17 September 2016.

This High Tea will be a very special and fun event…A Children’s High Tea in conjunction with a children’s art exhibition.

The first sitting commences at 1.30 pm – we call this the ‘we won’t need lunch’ option. The second sitting commences after the Artist’s Talk (3pm) at 3.30 pm – we call this the ‘we won’t need dinner option.’ :o)

For more on our High Teas go here…

We specialize in all home-made delicacies.

Just as importantly, we cater for home-made special dietsĀ  – including sugar free, dairy free, gluten free – but definitely not taste free. As someone said recently, ‘where else in the world could someone with a restricted diet like mine enjoy a High Tea?’

Tea Lounge News

New Lines

Standard Diets

Minted LambĀ  Sausage Rolls

Beef and Bacon Sausage Rolls

Toasted Sandwiches on crusty Turkish bread, served with a salad garnish

Special Diets

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Cane Sugar Free. Our special diet range is becoming quite extensive and tasty to the extreme – raw food never tasted so good. We call our sweet options ‘Delice.’

The newest products are:

Chicken Bacon Wraps (including grain free)

Coffee Cream Delice

Raspberry Ganache